Tornado: Lee County Alabama

I've been delayed in posting the details about our last mission. The stories I have are nothing short of heroic. But I've come to realize that it's not my place to post them. After deep reflection, I just feel they are simply too personal to the people who shared them with me.
From this I've learned:
Never leave a love one on bad terms. You're never too grown to be warned by your mother. No matter how long you live, cherish each breath. The strength of a mother with her children in her arms is unimaginable. And last but definitely not least, it's more selfish to refuse a gift than to accept one.
These things may sound generic but each one brings a tear to my heart with the memory they represent.
Serving the survivors of Lee County Alabama was an experience that I'll never forget.  
The 23 lives lost in this storm will always be remembered by the mark they left in the hearts of those who survived.
We gave out about  2000 meals, a warehouse of immediate needs(#freedomtour) , gift cards(#beachrelief), and $100 check from our disaster fund.
I want to thank the Dollar General for helping us with water, charcoal, and a clean convenient restroom. Also, the amazing ladies of Dollar General for volunteering their free time to help us.
Turner Fence company for helping me coordinate our mission in the midst of so much confusion.  
Jay Hovey for the selfless use of his warehouse.
And all those who took me in as family, your heart is what makes Lee county a beautiful place.