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Our Flagship Project: Pets Who Serve

While the L.I.T.S. Foundation may have several ongoing projects, each one of these projects has the same primary objective: help eliminate the staggering suicide rate among our beloved hero's, as well as assist in rescuing the millions of dogs that are put to death. 

We strongly believe that part of veterans healing can come from the use of service dogs.  Psychiatric service dogs can be individually trained to do work or perform tasks that mitigate their handler's disability. More importantly, they recognize a suicidal episode and intervene with the unconditional compassion that only a dog lover can comprehend.

They can:

  • help adjust serotonin levels
  • help lower blood pressure
  • help with episodes of depression
  • provide companionship
  • calm their handler

 PTSD Service Dogs can literally change the life of a Veteran with PTSD. This is intervention in the least invasive way, through a pet. 

In turn the veteran will be saving the dogs life which will add to the bond between handler and dog. Our Service Dogs will be shelter and rescue dogs. By acquiring from these sources  we will help reduce the numbers of animals being destroyed.

Your tax deductible donation will not only change a life; it could save one.




Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for our nations finest. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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